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Many people must start to dream about turning their hobbies into a business, and perhaps none more so than home brewers. We began home brewing almost ten years ago and quickly started to think about ‘what ifs’ when the people who drank our beers said that we should be selling it rather than giving it away. One thing lead to another and the vision was fixed – we were going to start a brewery. The only trouble was that we didn’t have enough to invest in some of the turnkey solutions that were advertised around the country. So with some savings, and plenty of spare time we set about building our own.

Steel Tanks

A couple of years later and the brewery was complete and we were brewing and selling beer. Brewers are a friendly bunch by and large, and some of the local brewers visited us to drink our tea and chat about business. Many of them commented on our bespoke looking kit and asked how they could get hold of some. Before long we were building vessels for other brewers to use, Fermenters at first, and then all the other vessels as well.

Our main business now is supplying brewery vessels to existing and also start up brewers and we’ve sent our tanks from Cornwall to Scotland in the process. We’ve also discovered that the skills that we’ve acquired in producing vessels for brewing beer in can also be used by other industries. We have helped businesses as diverse as soft drinks, cooking oils, cosmetics, spirits, perfumes, and in fact anything that can be stored in a stainless steel tank to get producing.

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