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Stainless Steel Container, Vessel and Tank Specialists

With an ever growing client base, we are seeing our Stainless Steel Containers, tanks and Vessels being used for many other uses in a wide variety of industries, from storing food and liquid produces, to pharmaceutical, chemicals and beauty products. The durability of our product means the possibility of use is endless

Stainless Steel Containers for Breweries

Steel Vessels for Distilleries

Our large capacity stainless steel containers are ideal for existing brewers who have outgrown their own plant, and just want to increase their output without having to go to the expense of replacing everything in the brewery.

Stainless Steel Containers for Food production

Steel Vessels and Tanks for Liquid Foodstuffs

Latimer Ales has a wide range of Stainless Steel Containers capable of safely storing a wide range of liquid based food products.

Stainless Steel Containers for Chemical Storage

Steel Containers for Cleaning and Chemical Products

Latimer Ales has an extensive range Stainless Steel Containers and Tanks suitable for storing Cleaning Products and Chemicals Safely.

Stainless Steel Containers for Cosmetic Storage

Steel Vessels for Cosmetic and Beauty Products

Stainless Steel Containers and Tanks where control over the contents temperature can be fully automated. By using a digital wall box the user can set the desired temperature and the temperature of the container will not vary by 1ÂșC.

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