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Stainless Steel Brewing Systems

Latimer Ales make and supply high quality Brewing Systems suitable for Commercial and Home Brewers. We specialise in a variety of different Stainless Steel Brewing Systems, all engineered to suit each key stage of the brewing process



Stainless Steel Fermenting Tanks and Vessels from Latimer Ales, with precise temperature control for perfect fermentation

Mash Tuns

High Quality Stainless Steel Mash Tun Tanks. Fully insulated to help prevent heat loss during the Mashing process


Powerful fully insulated Stainless Steel Kettle Tanks and Vessels expertly designed to boil the ‘Wort’ as quickly as possible

Hot Liquor Tanks

Hot Liquor Tanks with precise temperature control making sure your ‘Strike Water’ is the perfect temperature every time.

Stainless Steel Brewing Systems and Vessels in Various Sizes

Our Stainless Steel Brewing Systems are available in sizes from 200L up to 2000L so that we are able to help brewers and potential brewers with ambitions of all sizes. The smallest of these vessels are designed to be used in locations that are very tight, such as pub cellars, garages, sheds, outbuildings, or anywhere else you can think of brewing beer in.

Steel Brewing Systems Suitable for a Variety of Businesses

We have seen a large growth in systems of this size over the last year driven by owners of pubs or restaurants, etc that just want to make beer for their own customers to drink, with no intention of selling it to others. Our large capacity vessels are ideal for existing brewers who have outgrown their own plant.


Stainless steel tanks and vessels for distilleries


Stainless steel tanks and vessels for food storage

Liquid Food Storage

Stainless steel tanks and vessels for chemicals and cleaning products

Chemical Storage

Stainless steel tanks and vessels for beauty and cosmetic products


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