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Stainless Steel Fermenting Vessels

Stainless Steel Vessels and Tanks Perfect for Fermenting

Stainless Steel Fermenting Vessels

Steel Fermenting Vessels for Brewing All Year Round

As home brewers, a decade ago, we noticed that we were making really good beer in the winter, but the same recipe and process would give us really poor results in the summer. We even gave up brewing during the summer for a while. Then we decided to design and build fermenting vessels that would make consistent beer all year round. It worked. Now we can offer the same stainless steel fermenting vessels to you.


Capacity Dimensions Diameter x Height (mm)
200L 650x1430
300L 760x1430
400L 820x1535
500L 860x1680
750L 920x1980
1000L 1050x1980

Digital Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Control - Stainless Steel Fermenting Tanks

The control of the cooling system is achieved by use of a digital wall box which is connected to the vessel and can read the internal temperature to an accuracy of 0.1°C. The control box can be set at any temperature i.e. 22°C for ale brewing, or 12°C for lager brewing and will allow a variance in the internal temperature of no more than 1°C before it kicks in and begins bringing your ferment back under control. The best part is that this system is totally automatic and needs no further input from yourself.

Thermally Insulated

The vessel, including the base, is clad in 50mm of highly efficient insulation foam which is then covered in another layer of thermal wrapping. The result is a superbly efficient vessel that will keep ferments at your desired temperature, be it high summer or the depths of winter.

Fully Insulated Fermenting Vessels and Tanks

Stainless Steel Cooling Plates

Stainless Steel Cooling Plates - Fermenting Vessels

A stainless steel cooling plate is suspended inside the vessel, through which coolant (either plain water or Glycol if you’re lagering) can be pumped from a standard bar cooler. The control of the cooling system is achieved by use of a digital wall box which is connected to the vessel and can read the internal temperature to an accuracy of 0.1°C. When your ferment has finished it is then possible to ‘crash cool’ the contents to whatever temperature you desire, be it 14°C for ale brewing or even as low as 1°C for lagering. We are big advocates of cold conditioning and believe that better beer is made by always using a conditioning period after the desired final gravity has been reached. Our system makes this a very easy job to do with no racking between vessels.

Superior Drainage

Two taps are included, one connecting to the centre of the base, the other a short way up the side wall. A conical bottom to the vessel ensures that every drop of liquid can be emptied from it – we use the side tap to allow us to run off our finished beer whilst leaving behind the yeast in the cone.

Superior Drainage - Fermenting Vessels and Tanks

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction. Food safe, easy to clean, long lasting.
  • Digital temperature control unit. allows for the setting of any desired fermenting temperature
  • Stainless steel immersion cooling plate. Large surface area makes for efficient heat transfer.
  • 50mm of insulation on sides and bottom. Very effective insulation helps to maintain a given temperature regardless of the environmental conditions, making brewing easy to control in summer or winter
  • Conical shaped bottom allows for complete draining of contents with no dead space.
  • Two outlet taps. Bright beer can be ‘racked off’ from the upper tap and leaving the waste at the bottom to be washed away afterwards.
  • Coolant lines. Lines to connect the cooling plate to a ‘Maxi’ type cooler. (Maxi chiller not supplied)
  • Sockets on the tanks are 1″ bsp threads as this makes for simple interchanging of hardware if desired.
  • CIP sprayball option is an a optional extra, we can supply a stainless 360 degree sprayball to allow for ‘clean in place’ complete with a pump and pipework. We would advise using a CIP ball to perform santisation prior to filling the fermenter.

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