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HLTs (Hot Liquor Tanks)

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Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

Latimer Ales make and supply High Quality Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

Fully Automated Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

Our Hot Liquor Tanks are designed to be as automated as possible. We visited lots of brewers when we were planning our own brewery and were surprised to find that they were lacking control of the temperature of their strike water, leading to variances with their mash temperature. So when designing our own Hot Liquor Tank, we wanted to build in a high level of automation.


Capacity Dimensions Diameter x Height (mm) Power Included (240v)
300L 760x1500 3kW
400L 870x1490 3kW
500L 870x1720 3kW
700L 1050x1610 6kW
1000L 1050x1960 6kW

Stainless Steel Tanks with Digital Temperature Control

Fully Automated Digital Temperature Control - Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

The HLT’s we supply all come with a digital wall box that will allow for the setting of your strike water temperature. This can be done within an accuracy of just 1°C. Once the set temperature has been reached the digital wall box will stop the heating process automatically and maintain the set temperature without the need for supervision. This means that the digital wall box allows for a more economic heating process over a 12 hour period of time, due to the digital wall box automating the process you can now heat your strike water through the night saving you money by utilising cheaper electricity prices at night.

Thermally Insulated Stainless Steel Tanks

We also ensure that all of the HLT’s we supply are fully insulated on all sides, including the underneath. This insulation is based on 50mm of very high efficiency insulation with a further coating added on to that. The result is a very efficient vessel that will minimize your energy consumption as much as possible.

Fully Insulated - Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

240 Volt Immersion Heater Elements

Variable Power Control - Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tanks

The power for our HLT is delivered by 240 volt immersion heater elements and can be added at increments of 3kW. We would usually advise that 200 and 300 litre HLT’s are given 3kW, while those of 500, 700 and 1000 litre capacities have 6kW. Of course, you can specify as much or as little power as you’d like, but we wouldn’t usually add three phase power to a HLT as that increases the production cost too far. In truth it may require as much as 12 hours to heat a large tank of water up to strike temperature with only 6kW of power in it.

Product Features

  • Stainless steel construction. Food safe, easy to clean, long lasting
  • 50mm of insulation on all sides, minimising any heat losses during the overnight heating period
  • Digital control box. Allows for setting of the desired strike temperature, which will then be held until the water is needed.

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