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Temperature Controlled Tanks and Vessels

Stainless Steel Tanks and Vessels

Stainless Steel Temperature Controlled Tanks

Latimer Ales are Stainless Steel Tank and Vessel Specialists

Temperature Controlled Vessels and Tanks

Temperature Controlled Vessels yield better results

When we began brewing commercially we started to realise that in order to achieve consistent results it was vital to be able to control the temperature inside our fermentation tanks. Variations from one production run to the next were a cause of great frustration. We spent several months experimenting with ways in which we could be in total control of the tank environment, and found an ideal solution was achieved using stainless steel immersion plates. Put simply, by passing cold water through a plate which is suspended inside the tank allowed for a reduction of the internal temperature to within 1°C. Furthermore, control of the tank temperature can be automated with the addition of a temperature control box. Our digital wall box allows the user to set their desired tank temperature and then leave the tank to itself, safe in the knowledge that it will not vary by more than 1°C.

Digital Temperature Controlled Vessels and Tanks

Digitally set Temperature

Digitally set a temperature using the digital panel and our temperature controlled vessels will automatically keep its contents within ±1ºC of the set temperature.

Fully Insulated Temperature Controlled Vessels and Tanks

Thermally Insulated

Our temperature controlled tanks and vessels are all wrapped in 50mm thick Kingspan building insulation. This helps prevent any temperature change due to external factors.

Temperature Controlled Vessels Adapted for Various Industries

A soft drink manufacturer contacted us two years ago after seeing our beer system to ask if it were possible to adapt it for their use. Their need was slightly different to beer brewing in that they required a constant tank temperature of 30°C to be maintained in order for a fermentation to take place. As this temperature is higher than ambient temperatures usually get to, it was necessary to input heat into the tank. We adapted our beer fermenter and added a small hot water supply which we then pumped through our stainless steel immersion plate, resulting in the ability to raise the temperature of the soft drink to the desired level, and keep it there. This system has been so successful that we have since installed a further four more tanks in their production facility.

This same system of heating a tank contents has also been installed at a plant that requires a heated tank to liquefy Palm oil from its’ solid state at room temperature in order to be able to package it into smaller bottles. This required a temperature of 50°C to be reached, and was successful in the same was as our client with the soft drink proved to be.

Reliable Temperature Controlled Vessels and Tanks

Latimer Ales can Adapt Tanks and Vessels to meet your needs

If a temperature controllable tank is needed in any part of your production process, get in touch with our design team who will be happy to explore the possibilities of what we can do for your business.

Steel Tanks and Vessels in Various Sizes

We have a range of fermenters from 200 litres up to 2000 litres. We have been using tanks such as this for 3 years now in our micro brewery and have found them to be very good indeed for brewing. We spent many months designing and testing these tanks until we were happy to use them in our own brewery, and can now offer them for use in yours.

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